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Clean teeth is for the dogs, too!

Dogs can develop gum disease just like humans.There are things you can do to help your pooch avoid losing teeth.

In addition to chomping on teeth-cleaning biscuits, your pup benefits from a daily teeth cleaning. Use a gentle cloth (or a doggy-type toothbrush) with doggy toothpaste (do not use your human toothpaste because it's not healthy for your dog).

Presented in honor of National Puppy Day (March 23)!

(Today's model is Maggie C. [as in Cockapoo] Kessler!)


Irish eyes are smiling ...
Hoping your smiles are bright, too!

March 01, 2016
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Smile: It's National Pig Day!
(We thought you should know.)


February 15, 2016
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Who doesn't love chocolate? Seriously, we think it should be considered a 5th food group.

Every so often we read about "proof" that chocolate is good for your teeth. Alas, it's not true (here's an article from the University of Rochester Medical Center that pretty much debunks that theory).

But a little chocolate is an ok thing; it's all about moderation. And remember to brush your teeth when you're finished. 

(chocolate teeth candy:


Eat all the Halloween treats you want!

Wait ... what? Really?

Yes, really!
Every-so-often sugary treats are ok
(except if your physician says it's not).

To cut down on the effects of candy overload:

* Brush your teeth immediately afterward.
* Have your brace-wearing kids avoid really sticky stuff.
* Kids should brush immediately afterward.
*Toss out leftover candy ...
make eating sweets a treat, not an everyday, all-day habit.

Stay safe, wear protective glow-in-the dark clothing, and have a fun Halloween!