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Posts for: August, 2012

Yummy, portable, and nutritious snacks are deliciously easy to send with school kids.

Easy-to-grab fruit like grapes, cherries (watch the pits), and sliced apples combine with healthy nuts to give kids a boost. You can pack cheese and crackers or homemade popcorn. And fresh veggies are always a perfect option.

We hope your child has a great and healthy year of learning and growing!

Summer means an abundance of fresh fruit. Fruit and healthy teeth are a perfect combination.

Strawberries, apples, bananas, and oranges each have different assortments of anti-oxidants, calcium, all those great vitaims, and healthy acids that help remove surface discoloration.

Want a sweet smile? Pop a berry!

Nevermind the usual sprains, strains, and broken bones. When an London Olympics athlete has a tooth or an eye problem, there's a place to go for treatment: a 24-hour health center in London's Olympic Park.

According to an article in Dental Tribune International, "In addition to treatment for the usual sports injuries, the Polyclinic (in Olympic Park) will offer free dentistry and eye care. ... For athletes without access to dental care in their home countries, this could be a chance to obtain professional treatment for problems other than injuries sustained during the Olympics."

You can read the article here.