Celebrating Bethel!
By contactus
July 15, 2011
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Will I see you this weekend at the 33rd Bethel Summer Festival? I hope so! These special weekends have been times for Penny and me to wander up and down Greenwood Avenue, stopping at the different vender locations, saying hello to local business people, grabbing a delicious bite to eat at many of the restaurants. Over the years we’ve seen stores and businesses come and go, but the friendship and kindness that we always encounter has remained consistent.

Bethel is a great town. Our three children thrived in the Bethel public schools, where diversity and excellence was nourished, and which gave them a solid foundation for college and beyond. My dental office has flourished thanks to the good will of our Bethel neighbors. We love our Bethel home’s community, enjoying watching children play and ride bikes in the safe streets. The Bethel Visiting Nurse Association has become an essential part of my volunteer life, and I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of serving with some of the most dedicated men and women you can imagine.

Bethel has seen changes because of economic ups and downs, so a special “shout out” to the Bethel Chamber of Commerce for working hard to stay proactive to keep my unique community blossoming.

If you see us this weekend along Greenwood Avenue, stop us to say, “hi!”