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Posts for: January, 2013

Wisdom teeth. They are third molars, but they get their name by being the last teeth to come in during young adulthood, the time of life when kids gain maturity or “wisdom.” The majority of people have most of their permanent teeth by age 13. Your kids' wisdom teeth should come into your mouth between the ages of 17-21. Sometimes they do not have enough room to come in normally or are in the wrong position to come straight up. When that happens, we may refer to them as impacted, and they may have to be removed.

Not everyone’s teeth develop on the same schedule. That’s why it’s important to see us regularly so we can monitor the progress of your child's wisdom teeth. Every patient is unique, but in general, wisdom teeth may need to be removed when there is evidence of changes in the mouth such as: infection, pain, damage to adjacent teeth, gum disease, tooth decay (if it is not possible or desirable to restore the tooth), etc.

We may also recommend removing your wisdom teeth to prevent problems or for others reasons, such as when removal is part of getting braces, treating gums or other dental procedures.

Got questions? Just ask. You can also check out our Patient Education page on our website for more information.


Flu got you down? You are not alone. Every day we get calls from patients who are suffering.

Witih Boston and New York City declaring health emergencies, Connecticut is also seeing lots of cases, especially because one of the flu strains covered by this year's flu vaccination is particularly nasty. Little children and elderly people and those with compromised immune systems are especially at risk.

The good news is that there seems to be a reasonable amount of flu vaccine still available in Connecticut. And according to Dr. Jewell Mullen, the CT Public Health Commissioner, requiring children in daycare and pre-school to get the flu shot has benefited Connecticut by not having to reach out to those families to make sure their kids are covered.

If you haven't gotten a flu vaccine, please consider getting it; there is still time for the vaccine to cover you. If you do get the flu, please take care of yourself so that you can feel better soon and prevent others from catching it.



Give yourself a gold star!

If flossing your teeth every day was one of your new year resolutions, and if - like most peoples' resolutions - it's fading already, we have a great idea. Make a chart for a week, hang it on your bathroom mirror, and every time you floss, give yourself a gold star. Get a week of stars, give yourself a treat. It works for kids - and it works for grownups.

Flossing gets rid of the nasty stuff that hides between teeth and at the gum line. Daily flossing - and getting a gold star for it - will help your teeth and gums stay healthy and earn you a nice reward on the side.