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By contactus
October 25, 2011
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Halloween’s this coming Monday, and if you’ve got kids who will be trick-or-treating, chances are they’ll come home with bags of sweets. Is there a way to help your child manage his stash with the least amount of dental harm? Yes – and here are my suggestions.

From a dental health standpoint, if you’re going to indulge, it’s better to eat a lot of sweets at once rather than spreading it out over a long period of time. The harm to teeth comes from coating them in the acids from sugar, so you want to limit the amount of time sugars are in your child’s mouth. If your child is going to eat the stuff, I suggest you set up a specific start/finish time and then make sure your child thoroughly brushes their teeth.

It might not do good things for your child’s tummy, but let your child go for it, set a “we’re done now” time, and get in there and brush away!